Brits spend more on wine if it says ‘château’ on the label, study shows

Now, that’s a surprise (maybe)

7w ago

Supermarket chain Aldi and the University of Oxford have teamed up to conduct a study that ended up showing that British drinkers are statistically more likely to buy an expensive wine just because it says ‘château’ on the label.

There’s more bad news because the research also revealed that, in a blind taste test, most couldn’t tell the difference between a £6 and a £36 bottle.

The research involved 2,000 drinkers who answered an online survey, and 53 drinkers who took part in blind wine tasting.

Participants were asked to rank wines based on nothing but the label, and 34% chose a £10 bottle with an image of a French château, while only 15% picked the bottle that was actually the most expensive, priced at £95.

In the blind taste test, the 53 participants said they would pay an average of £9.97 for the cheaper bottle, worth £6.49 and available from Aldi, while the average price they said they’d pay for the premium bottle was just £7.77.

Consumers seemed to prefer corks to screwcaps, and 40% said a heavier bottle feels more premium than a lighter bottle.

I’m not gonna judge because I’m sure I’d fare even worse. What do you think? Would you be able to identify expensive bottles in a similar test? Let me know.

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  • One more reason to switch to beer

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