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Brittany's famous finest biscuits: salted happiness in your mouth

Salted butter or nothing else...

1y ago

You know James May's Mail Time series: a funny DriveTribe/FoodTribe concept in which James opens boxes and letters and discovers unexpected things. One of my best moments is still when James opened my box in the second episode. How to describe the feeling when you discover you make a man happy with a parcel of food? It looks like my biscuits weren't wasted at all.

Brittany biscuits, made from butter, eggs, sugar, flour and salt are so delicious, and quite different to other biscuits from around France. Brittany is far away from the Mediterranean coast where you find canelés or Calissons.

If you come from Wales, you would find similarities in Brittany: Celtic music and the gastronomy. Brittany shares a lot with the Celtic British regions.

There are many sorts of biscuits made in Brittany, such as the "galettes" or the "palets" found in many regions, including the city of Naoned/Nantes.

In the UK, you can go to a Tesco or Sainsbury's supermarket and hope to find some French brands such as Galettes Saint-Michel, or the famous Véritable Petit Beurre from LU, a well known and famous brand founded in Nantes.

Erquy, one of the famous local harbours from Brittany (©Aurelie Saboureau)

Erquy, one of the famous local harbours from Brittany (©Aurelie Saboureau)

One more thing before coming to Brittany. I hope you like salted butter and cider if you plan to spend your holidays there. The next time, I promise to teach you about some other specialities from Arthur and Merlin's land.

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