- I'm more interested as to how they managed to time travel to get a sauce bottle from a Little Chef circa 2004!

Brooklyn Beckham is back in the public ire with another recipe flop

If you're invited onto the telly to show off your skills, you should probably aim for something better than a sandwich?

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Not long ago I wrote about Brooklyn Beckham receiving a bit of flack from disgruntled Italians for his spin on Italian cuisine and mussels in white wine pasta. Well, clearly he isn't a fan of using Google translate and has been out cocking up cookery once more. This time it wasn't just on his Instagram. This time it was on the Today Show.

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Not exactly brain surgery is it?

The recipe he chose, a family recipe from his great-Grandmother, has apparently been handed down through the generations which given its simplicity seems quite plausible. The recipe as far as I can work out goes as such;

Brooklyn Beckham's Breakfast Bap

A heritage recipe from Britain's latest TV chef...

Prep time5min
Cook time5min
Total time10min


  • Two Slices of White Bread
  • Salted Butter
  • Two Rashers of back bacon, smoked or unsmoked, dealer's choice.
  • Two Sausages
  • 1 Egg
  • Tomato Sauce


Bread Prep

  1. Apply the butter to the bread in a spreading motion. Be sure to get right to the edges.

Bacon and Sausage Prep

  1. Fry the bacon and sausages in some of the butter. Once cooked set to one side.

Egg Prep

  1. Fry the egg.


  1. Put the sausage, bacon and egg onto one slice of the bread.
  2. Liberally apply the tomato sauce to the other slice.
  3. Put the other slice of bread onto the loaded slice. Make sure you put it tomato sauce side down!
  4. Cut the sandwich in half and admire the cross-section built on years of Beckham family history.

Recipe Notes

I think he seasons the egg as it fries, but the pepper looks a little burned. So it's best if you are going to, add some cracked black pepper to the egg once you've turned off the heat.

Recipe by

Brooklyn Beckham's Great Nan

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And as is to be expected the internet has collectively rolled its giant eye of despair at the former aspiring photographer who struggles to use a set of tongs on telly and resorts to just fingering the food into place.

Even the Telegraph hasn't shied away from taking a pop at the segment.

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Comments (9)

  • not grilled cheese sandwich might be the next recipe 😁

      15 days ago
  • I might have been watching breathlessly

      14 days ago
  • I have no idea who that person is .... Is he a famous chef of some kind?

      14 days ago
    • He’s David Beckham’s son. Although your comment rather illustrates a brilliant point about functionless nepotism.

        13 days ago
    • I think, he is famous for being famous! Rides on his dad's name!

        12 days ago
  • Gotta keep it simple just like what’s his name 🤣

      13 days ago
  • Must be tough living in David’s shadow. But I’m not sure this is the correct route to take. Maybe he needs a better PR team.

      13 days ago