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Brooklyn Beckham slammed by Italians for creamy mussels

If you're going to cook Italian food, you ought to do it properly or face the wrath in the comments.

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I'm probably not the best person to report this, as I've never been accurate in my recreation of Italian cuisine, but Brooklyn Beckham has now faced the wrath of irate Italian in an Instagram reel where he cooks tagliatelle with mussels and crème fraîche.

And as nice as that sounds, it has attracted the ire of Italians who have bemoaned the footballer's son for putting in the crème fraîche and onions.

Comments range from the usual displeased "nooooooooo" to the slightly more vivid "everytime you cook, an Italian chef dies". Which is quite vivid. Other commenters offered a bit of advice "Ma perché la crème fraîche?? Perché???? Bastavano le cozze, l’aglio, un filo di peperoncino e il vino…", which according to my rudimentary Italian translates to "But why the crème fraiche? Why? The mussels, garlic, a drizzle of chilli pepper and wine were enough!".

But generally, it was abject displeasure. "È convinto di saper cucinare oh, non molla!" -> "He thinks he knows how to cook oh, he doesn't give up!". "Continua a fare il fotografo che la cucina non fa per te" -> "Stick to being a photographer, cooking is not for you".

The recipe looks to be a fairly straightforward one; a diced onion and garlic go into a pan with oil and butter to soften. Once softened, add in the mussels and douse in white wine. Cover and leave to cook so the mussels open. Then add the crème fraîche and what looks to be parsley and stir well. Pop in the parboiled tagliatelle and finish with the mussels. We do see Brooklyn add in a ladle of pasta water to help thicken the sauce, good lad. Once the pasta is done, dish out.

Arguably this isn't the best example of Brooklyn's cookery chops, his bacon, sausage and egg sarnie looks like it absolutely slaps.

Check out all his cookery videos on his Instagram @brooklynbeckham

Check out all his cookery videos on his Instagram @brooklynbeckham

Check out the original post here.

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Comments (6)

  • We turn to FoodTribe's more nominal Italian for comment

      1 month ago
  • They are absolute right in my opinion. Everybody is free to cook or eat whatever he wants to, but stop declaring it as "italian" food or cooking. The italian kitchen is fully of long time traditions and original recipes of passed generations with a maniac attention to details, techniques an specific ingredients. As a sample a "carbonara" is just a CARBONARA if you use the right technique and ingredients. If you don't, you are maybe cooking something similar or "carbonara style", but it's not original and maybe it's even not Italian if you are using "USA BACON". That does not mean it's not good, or tasty, or ok to eat, it's just not Italian food.

      6 days ago
  • If it tastes good and he enjoys it, so what?

    Isn't cooking all about experimentation? Trying new flavour combinations? Eating what you enjoy? Learning new techniques?

    Would the same ire be directed at Heston Blumenthal if he was doing this at the Fat Duck? Or would it be heralded as the culinary innovation the bivalve world has been waiting for?

    Eat what you want. Cook what you want.

      1 month ago