Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold reviewed - this isn't your dad's beer

A round of applause for the beer giant who authorized this one.

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40w ago

We can all talk a lot of crap about big beer. Everyone loves to hate on Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Stella, Heineken, Foster, and more. We love to call them shitty 'Dad beers' and mock anyone who drinks them. We sip our craft beers with pinky sky high as we critique these stalwart giants of brewing.

Here's how we drink! USA! USA! USA!

Here's how we drink! USA! USA! USA!

What we're all forgetting is the consistency. A Budweiser in Bakersfield, California is relatively the same as one in Perth, Australia. The beer giants have a consistency unlike any 'mom and pop' craft brewery. They are absolutely perfect in the execution of the recipe. They're a consistent and slow-moving force in the beer-world.

The craft brewing craze lit a fire underneath the seats of nearly all big beer CEOs. All of them began to sell new products like lime-flavored beers, a beer with tomato juice, and the most popular of all, seltzers. Big brewing was forced to become more agile or die. Dads around the world couldn't save them all by their lonesome.

The flat red and gold packaging is attractive and could be applied to their classic Bud.

The flat red and gold packaging is attractive and could be applied to their classic Bud.

This newfound corporate agility gave birth to the Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold. A nitrogen-infused lager. This is what happens when a Guinness fan is put in charge of Budweiser's marketing. It is simply astounding this product came to market. I was frankly excited to try it as I've enjoyed nearly all the nitro brews I've had thus far.

This beer was a first for me in the fact you need to read the directions. On the side of the can in simple English (small words work well for drunkards) there are three easy steps. The first step, flip the can three times. Second, open and pour hard. Don't worry, a standard pint glass will capture all of it - the foam will not overwhelm the glass. Last, wait for it. This is more like a Guinness than any other Bud you've ever had.

Following the steps is key to getting the proper pour. I was able to use one of my hand-painted pint glasses (the USA one of course) without spilling a drop when pouring straight down. The head formed for a picture-perfect moment.

Look at that head of foam. The perfect pour does not escape me!

Look at that head of foam. The perfect pour does not escape me!

I will say this beer deserves the 'Penguin award'. The fact it exists is enough to try it, but I don't gather it will catch on. It has the bitter taste of a stout, but it mostly exists in the realm of a flat lager. It is more novelty than anything else.

The instructions are fun to follow, the packaging is neat, and the product is crisp. Is just doesn't have a lot of flavors. It is mostly exactly what you'd think out of a mass-market nitro. A couple tweaks to the recipe and it could be far better. I am not expert enough to tell you what it needs, but it does need... something.

Maybe you'll think differently. If you're in the market for an easy to drink nitro - give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen? Dad might show up and have one with you!

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Comments (4)

  • Best I can say about this beer is that when the power went out at our home, it gave us the ability to flush the toilet, only took 1 12 pack.

      4 months ago
    • Use the beer to fill the tank and drink the bowl water - it tastes better.

        4 months ago
  • I can get on board with your review except for the bit about world wide consistancy. As a Canadian I can assure you that the Bud that is made here under license by Labatt is not the same. I enjoy some Bud when I'm biking/ camping in the USA but I'd rather swallow sludge pump residue than drink the crap made here.

      5 months ago
    • You mean to tell me you don’t enjoy a cold Moulson’s?!

        4 months ago