Budweiser reveals limited edition can as a tribute to rap icon Notorious B.I.G.

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I apologize in advance because I know that whenever I write something that's even remotely hip hop-related I tend to overdo it because I love rap. Budweiser, one of the best-selling beer brands in the US, has just launched a new limited edition 'Tall Boy' can to celebrate American rap icon Notorious B.I.G., aka Biggie Smalls.

The can features a hand-drawn sketch of Christopher 'Notorious B.I.G.' Wallace's face along with the silhouette of the skyline in Brooklyn - where Biggie was born - and some of the lyrics from his 1994 song 'Unbelievable' (from the 'Ready To Die' album), which reads: “Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant the livest one, Representin' BK to the fullest".

Budweiser teamed up with The Christopher Wallace Estate ahead of the Budweiser-hosted music event at the Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Bandshell on August 19, with live performances by (among others) Busta Rhymes and Biggie's former fiancée (and fellow rapper) Lil Kim.

Biggie was killed in a drive-by shooting on March 9, 1997 and even though the assailant(s) remain unidentified to date, his death is widely believed to have been the result of the West Coast-East Coast feud with fellow rapper Tupac Shaker, who'd met a similar fate in Las Vegas a few month prior to Biggie's death.

Biggie's mother Voletta Wallace said she's "honored to know that a brand such as Budweiser wanted to celebrate my son in this way. Christopher’s legacy and brand value is extremely important to myself and the family".

The cans are available in New York and can also be purchased from shopbeergear.com.

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  • It's a shame the cans are filled with crap beer 🙄

      2 months ago