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Bully Beef also is known as Corned Beef

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Bully Beef also known as Corned Beef in the UK is made from a cut of beef called brisket and is a cheaper cut of beef, after a long curing period using salt and in brine (saltwater) it is then slowly cooked turning cheap tough meat into something tender and full of flavour. The beef is then finely minced and with a small amount of gelatin it is then sold in an oblong can which used to have a little key attacked so to open the can. Bully beef has been a staple of the British Army for nearly 100 years; it was a staple of British family’s larder throughout the last centre but in last few years has been left behind has package products become the norm and while a Mediterranean diet has become the norm in the UK thought-out the media that pushes products that are made within the EU.

But if you want to try out this old family favourite Bully beef can be used in so many ways, from the filling in a sandwich, a bagel or a roll or cooked in rice or used in a omelette or to make a corned beef hash, and an Irish favourite is corned beef, cabbage, mashed, potatoes, Corned beef is high in protein but the downside is that is it backed with sodium/salt and with 285 calories in a 4 ounces serving, but not that worse than a burger from your local fast-food restaurant and about in the same area as Italian products like salami and pepperoni, but much better that pancetta, guanciale which is nearly 90 % fat.

So why not buy a tin of Bully Beef or Corned Beef and have it in a bagel or French stick with butter or margarine, with sliced onions and a lashing of Salad Cream, which is another old UK favourite.

Corned Beef Bagel

Corned Beef Bagel

Corned Beef and French stick

Corned Beef and French stick

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