- A h​amburger. And some peas. And tater tots.

B​urger Chowdown

T​his one's for you, Doug...

Max Ruse posted in Burgers
3w ago

T​his was one of the best dinners I have tasted in a while. We started out with beef and into the beef mashed some freshly chopped garlic and dijon mustard. We than separated the raw meat into patties and flattened them into the frying pan. On top of the patties, we added some sharp cheddar and habanero cheddar slices. Upon the patties completion, we fried some onions in the already hot pan and topped the burgers with the onion and added some more mustard. Tater tots and peas completed the dinner. After two burgers and plenty of peas and tater tots, let it suffice to say that I have a happy tummy this Monday evening!

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Comments (8)

  • I just had a giant burger and now I want another one. Thanks Max! Jalapeno cheddar sounds wonderful. 😀

      21 days ago
    • Figured you’d enjoy!

        21 days ago
    • I always appreciate a good burger. Your burger looks good. I am happy I could be a influence. 😁

        21 days ago
  • Very nice, you had me at habanero cheese 😁

      21 days ago
  • Very nice mate

      21 days ago