Burger King advert demands distancing from McDonald's

The fast food giant strikes again with another antagonistic advertisement

1y ago

If there is one thing I have grown extremely wearisome of during the exasperating COVID-19 shutdown it is the relentless stream of advertisements featuring short video clips from the likes of Instagram, YouTube and everyone’s new best friend TikTok.

It’s a deep shame that no one within the depths of marketing conglomerates has spent their infinite amount of free time trying to up the creativity stakes. Instead, whatever the product or the company, the advert is always the same: a montage of people singing, falling off chairs and promising that everything will soon be back to normal.

Thankfully, Burger King is not a company that is known for its bland promotions and it seems determined to defend that reputation through the protracted coronavirus lockdown.

The burger chain has developed a new marketing ploy that is now on display at one of its outlets in Paris. The restaurant (that just so happens to be next door to a McDonald’s) now brandishes a huge banner across its entrance window, stating: “safety reminder: always maintain a 1m distance from your neighbours”.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the Golden Arches have been ridiculed by Burger King. Over the years there has been a succession of inspiring advertisements at McDonald’s expense, including comparing Ronald McDonald to the Stephen King’s IT and claiming that Big Macs were actually so small that one had been hidden behind every Whopper burger featured in an advert during the whole of 2019.

Using the coronavirus to mock its rival may be seen as a shallow move by some (especially McDonald’s supporters), but as the field of marketing is currently obsessed with COVID-19 at least Burger King is going about it in an original way.

What's the funniest Burger King advert you’ve seen?

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Comments (2)

  • Clever yes, but their over-reliance on ketchup and mustard (seriously guys, put down the trowel) will keep me headed down the street for McD's, who rely instead on the old standbys of fat and salt.

      1 year ago