Burger King hid a McDonald's Big Mac in every advertising photo it took in 2019

Quit burgering about with perspective

Tim Rodie posted in Burgers
1y ago

You could argue that Burger King has always lived in McDonald's creepy clown-shaped shadow, but in 2019 the second-biggest burger chain threw some shade on Ronald's favourite place to eat.

That's because Burger King UK hid a Big Mac in every single photo it took of the Whopper in 2019. Yup, every time the BK burger fluffers aimed a camera at the Whopper in a photography studio, there was a Big Mac in the shot – just completely hidden behind the Whopper.

Of course it's a publicity stunt designed to show that the Whopper is a girthier meat slab than a Big Mac, but as anyone with a rudimentary grasp of physics will tell you, things that are closer tend to look bigger than those further away. And perspective tends to make closer things obscure things behind them.

Still, it's fun that Burger King's been so devious. But if anything, it's reminded me that Big Macs exist and that I need to order several to the office immediately.

See how Burger King's PR agency pulled the stunt off in the video below. And tell us which burger you'd rather eat in the poll at the bottom of the page.

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  • This is where you tell us DriveTribe have been hiding CarThrottle logos in all its homepage promotions.

      1 year ago
  • the big year and in McDonalds too!

      1 year ago