Burger King hilariously dressed up as McDonald's for Halloween

That is rivalry at its best

2y ago

I have always found the rivalry between different restaurant chains quite amusing as a lot of the time they pretty much just serve the same meals. But, sometimes these rivalries are taken to the next level such as this one.

As we all know, McDonald's and Burger King have been closely competing for years, despite Maccies being the clear winner (sorry BK). As a result of this, Burger King decided to dress up as what they view as a total horror. They went trick or treating as McDonald's, sort of.

This BK restaurant in New York covered the building in a giant white sheet to make it look like a ghost and cut out small eye holes (or an 'M' shape) to reveal the Burger King logo behind. Along with this, they wrote 'BOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween!'

So, with that they also served 'flame grilled' burgers in McDonald's style containers as if the outside of the restaurant wasn't bad enough. It may be brutal but it is great PR when you think about it. Let's hope McDonald's get them back for this.

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