Burger King is obsessed with Mario Kart

As fast food and classic gaming combine, nerds everywhere rejoice at their new holy celebration.

6w ago

Greek philosophers recognised that without interests no one would be interesting. Actually, I’ve no idea whether they were that profound; in my experience, it’s really tacky Facebook posts that hold the greatest inspiration.

As a stalwart of video games, Mario Kart surely has to be one of the biggest hits of all gamers; and when that affection is combined with junk food and weird Twitter ramblings, heaven – in the words of that deep thinker Belinda Carlisle – genuinely is a place on Earth.

Despite having seemingly nothing to do with meat or delicious fries, Burger King’s mission of judging people based on their favourite Mario Kart character proved a great success.

Many folks believe that personality traits are inseparably linked to star signs, but perhaps the key to working out a person’s true intentions and beliefs involves roasting them on social media. Maybe we need to share more information with massive business conglomerates – they can be trusted with all our personal data, right?

Which character do you choose on Mario Kart?

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Comments (6)

  • Always Yoshi!

      1 month ago
  • Is ordering kids’ meals as an adult a bad thing? My whole life is in ruins.

      1 month ago
  • Always Yoshi, my Mum’s always Wario and my Dad always picks Peach...no matter which MK game we play against each other 😄

      1 month ago