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Busch beer family are the stars of a new MTV show

The rowdy family are about to launch a new craft brewery

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1y ago

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term *brouhaha*, MTV’s newest reality show will star the legendary Busch beer family.

The 10-episode series follows the descendants of the Busch beer family and their antics on their sprawling, flamboyant 700-acre estate.

The family are the original owners of the iconic beer brand. They include Billy Busch Sr. (great-grandson of beer magnate Adolphus-Busch), and his wife Christi.

The couple have seven children, who MTV have helpfully nicknamed for us. There’s and their seven children ranging in age from 12 to 28: Billy Jr., “the responsible one”; Haley, “the sweet one”; Abbey, “the wild child”; Gussie, “the ladies’ man”; Grace, “the blunt one”; Maddie, “the wise one”; and Peter, “the baby.”

Expect jet skis, breakups, ATVs, cats, err… Clydesdale rides (?!), and presumably lots of beer — because the family just got approval for a new craft brewery on their property.

The Bush Family Brewed airs on March 5.

The family reportedly sold Anheuser-Busch in 2008 to the Belgian company InBev.

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  • Busch Light lager beer has about a 90% market share in the small town I live in. It is a similar story throughout a 50 mile radius. I don't get it; it tastes like rancid well water. Anyway, I mention it because this will, at first, get big local ratings simply because they are the Busch family.

    Put differently: Busch Light tastes like these people look.

      1 year ago