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Butter Chicken Risotto

It massively exceeded my expectations!

7w ago

[td/dnr] Its a nice recipe - try it.

Before Christmas I thought that the kids would come home and the ovens are a bit knackered and I was recommended a One Pot but they are hard to source at short notice and I bought a Ninja Foodie. Well, lockdown happened and I was Billy No Mates and my appropriately distanced daughter also had an oven fail and borrowed the toy - at least someone could have decent roasties.

Its interesting to use and a couple of weeks ago I tried the 'cook a whole chicken' starter recipe. It is optimistic and a 2.05kg Tesco free range only just fitted. It was however very nice with the beginner recipe and I proceeded to strip the carcass and make stock - forgetting about what might be in the bottom of the bowl. In the event, I thought 'that looks good', stuck it in the fridge, took off the fat and froze it as an optional add-on to the stock or a gravy component. What I Did Not Do, was strain it. Which is why you can see a peppercorn. One of many, as it happens, lurking beneath.

I'd split the left-over breast from my roast and had a 200g bag so I attempted to make a half of the recipe which is here: monfoodblog.com/2014/04/15/butter-chicken-risotto/

There are lots of Butter Chicken recipes and some lack of clarity about where and how the concept arose. I haven't tried many. Yet.

I used a whole lemon in the first phase (because, I had a whole lemon) and was otherwise only a tad generous with the Kashmiri Chilli Powder because its mild (right?) and I have more than I need.

I tried to make half of this recipe, but I'm full and I think there is another big helping left - I like large helpings and eat once a day and that's unusual to find it so generous. I suspect it does feed 4 quite generously.

And the taste? Exceeded my expectations. Slightly citrusy, tangy, slightly chilli, slightly all sorts of things, much more spicy and interesting than I expected.. As a way of emptying the freezer it has been brilliant - and now I have to rework my meal plan for this week and have the rest.

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  • That sounds really good 👍

      1 month ago
  • Sounds delicious

      1 month ago