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Cadbury Crunchie mini eggs are here for Easter

The honeycomb homages have arrived just in time for Easter celebrations.

1y ago

Cadbury loves to tease us with its chocolate creations; whether brand new designs or reinventions of adored classics the company always knows how to hit the spot.

In fact, I’d accuse Cadbury’s chocolatiers of being show-offs (if they weren’t among the best in the world).

The new excitement comes direct from Australia, where Cadbury has magic-ed up another wonder product (as well as the magic, they probably used some boring stuff like milk and things, too).

The hero of the Friday feeling – the Crunchie chocolate bar – is now available in the form of mini eggs. The miniature eggs are solidly filled with the finest milk chocolate and contain plentiful Crunchie honeycomb pieces to give the eggs an exciting punch – and, most importantly, to get stuck in your teeth.

Cadbury’s Crunchie eggs are being advertised on the GB Gifts website for the princely sum of £5.99 a bag. Although the bags are currently out of stock, supplies are due to be replenished very soon – proving that the Easter treat is clearly in high demand!

How desperate are you to try Cadbury’s Crunchie eggs?

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  • I reeeeally want some, but I reeeeally don't want to spend £5.99 a bag... I think I'd rather buy six £1 bags of normal Mini Eggs...

      1 year ago