Cadbury has hidden 200 gold Creme Eggs in UK shops - find one & win £5,000!

For the greatest of Cadbury Creme Egg fans

7w ago

To celebrate the 50th birthday of their iconic Creme Egg, Cadbury has hidden 200 limited-edition gold Creme Eggs in store all over the UK. Finding one of these eggs means your share of a whopping £5,000.

Each golden egg comes wrapped in the classic Creme Egg packaging, but once opened, the foil unveils a special chocolate egg dusted in edible gold and filled with the smooth, creamy fondant.

The Golden Creme Eggs are the ones sold individually or in multipacks, and you'll never know that you have one until you open inside. Look for them at your local Tesco and Sainsbury, or at any other local newsagent, supermarket, or corner shop.

If you manage to get your hands on one of the winning treats hands simply call the number inside the foil wrapping, and ensure you keep your purchase voucher, as well as the packaging, in order to claim your grand prize!

Let the golden Creme Egg hunt, BEGIN!

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