Cadbury to release Creme Egg and Mini Egg tins

Your absolute favourites in the quantity you deserve!

2y ago

Christmas isn't Christmas until you've received a big tin of Roses. You know the ones where you eat all the good ones and then spend an eternity trying to rid yourself of the ones nobody likes (I'm looking at you, toffee pennies!) before they become home to your sewing kit and old odds and ends?

Well, in the same way, Easter wouldn't be Easter without Creme Eggs filling the shelves in the shops, and Mini Eggs being balanced in Easter bonnets.

Which brings us to the mash up you didn't know you needed. Cadbury has announced that it will be releasing gifting tins of its legendary Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs!

Roses and Quality Street have been done to death, it's time for the god tier sweets to make their way onto your wish list. Think of them as giant, giftable multipacks, because each tin will contain small bags of your favourite chocolatey goodness to keep you going through Easter and beyond.

And that's the catch. If you want to get your hands on these, and you absolutely do, you'll have to wait until next year as these are set to be released in early 2020.

It looks like you'll have to make do with old faithful Roses for another few months!

How do you eat yours?

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