Cadbury unveils the Creme Egg Bar

It's like a creme egg, but bigger, and we can't get enough!

2y ago

We haven't had anything brand new from Cadbury for a long time, and that is absolutely A-OK with us. They do what they do so well that we just want more of it. Cadbury know this and have decided to treat us.

Creme eggs, a firm favourite, used to be a mainstay on the treat shelf in our local shops before they were devastatingly relegated to an Easter only treat. Recently, Cadbury announced this coming Easter will bring the arrival of the Creme Egg tin. The tasty creamy goodness we love, but more of it. It's what we want, and they are happy to oblige.

While this is cause for celebration, the drastically early announcement makes it all very 'next year', and we have all been left hungry for something to satisfy our Creme Egg need in the immediate term.

Enter the Creme Egg Bar. In keeping with our demand, it's the same amazing taste but more of it. If you've ever had a box of Cadbury Heroes, you'll be familiar with the miniature version of this, in the form of the family fight inducing Creme Egg Twisted. Now, you can have 180g worth, all to yourself.

The best news about this is that Cadbury are treating us immediately. This slab of luxury will be available for Christmas!

Now for the bad news, they are currently only available in Australia, so if you're putting this on your list to Santa, you'd best get a few postage stamps!

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