Cadbury's Easter specials have got us wishing we were kids again...

It's that time of year where you can fantasise about chocolate with no shame

1y ago

Remember when you were a kid and Easter would come round and you would get multiple Easter eggs from loved ones? We are, frankly, insulted that this hasn't continued into adulthood. Who made this rule, as we would like a word...

When you get to a certain age, you're lucky to get one egg from your parents or your other half. It's lovely, but I say we bring back the good old days.

What's got us reminiscing about Easters gone by? Cadbury's 2020 Easter egg selection! Goodness they have gone to town this year. Think of your favourite Cadbury item and I bet they have an egg for it.

There are the old faithfuls, like Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Mini Eggs, and Creme Egg... because, let's face it, it simply would not be Easter without them. But if you have a hunger for something a little rarer, they have you covered too.

We are talking about: Fry's Chocolate Creme, Bournville, Daim, Oreos, and that's just a few for starters. If you are one of the select few individuals who can stomach a Turkish Delight (perish the thought!) then your Easter is about to get a lot more enjoyable too.

They have also added tins of Mini Eggs and Cream Eggs to the reasons you need to forget your diet for a few weeks. Frankly, we've never felt more catered for...

So, in the spirit of the occasion, I say we abandon tradition and the hope that someone will rekindle our childhood for us. I say we get down to our local supermarket and treat ourself to our favourite for Easter, like the well established adults we are! Chocolate counts as essential food for the lockdown right?

What's your favourite Cadbury's treat?

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  • I love the mini Cadbury creme eggs. They're the perfect size, because I find the regular ones a little too much. They're very rich.

      1 year ago