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Cadbury's empty advent calendar's

Devastated children in tears after calendar's are missing their chocolate!

2y ago

A​round the country children are in despair after their Cadbury advent calendar's are seemingly empty of chocolate!

T​he popular chocolate company are coming under furious scrutiny from parents whose children were left heartbroken from this Christmas mishap taking to social media to express their disgust.

O​ne Tweet stated: '@CadburyUK is there a problem with the quiz for the Cadbury Heroes Advent Calendar? 2 disappointed little girls this morning.'

I​t appears that all of the Cadbury's Christmas range have been affected including the Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Santa's Workshop Advent Calendar and their Heroes Calendar!

I​n response the company have sent out numerous apologies to angered parents and encouraged them to contact the customers care team and 'We're sorry to hear about the issues some of our fans are facing with Chocolate missing'...'and would like to reassure people that quality is of paramount importance to us.'

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