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Cadbury's has launched a chocolate orange yule log

Could it be a big hit this Christmas?

5w ago

It isn't that long to go until Christmas (crikey, the time really has flown!).

As you'd expect, the Christmas-themed supermarket goodies are starting to roll out. We've already seen all sorts of weird stuff: pigs in blanket sushi, we're lookin' at you, but this one has caught our eye, because it sounds delicious.

The obsession with all things chocolate orange continues. Cadbury is always on board the trend train, and this year has announced it's bringing out a ready-to-eat chocolate orange yule log. Yum!

This brand new festive treat was spotted by the Instagram account New Foods UK and reactions to it have been fairly positive.

The new yule log can serve up to 8 people and has a chocolate orange-flavoured filling and sauce, is covered with milk chocolate and has a light sweet dusting on top. Sounds pretty good!

It's available from pretty much any supermarket chain in the UK, so you should have absolutely no problem finding it in your local Asda or M&S or Sainsbury's. It's gonna be a big hit, right?

Is it too expensive?

A big sticking point for some shoppers, though, has been the price. It's currently priced at £2.50 which, although it doesn't seem that much, is a fair bit more expensive than a regular supermarket chocolate roll.

The Manchester Evening News certainly hasn't let this criticism go amiss, publishing a report that highlighted the concerns of various different shoppers. "Everything seems so expensive," one shopper called Max complained. "Food prices have gone mad. £2.50 for a pretty basic choc roll seems way off."

Is £2.50 too much to ask for a yule log? I'll let you be the judge of that...

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  • I feel like $4 AUD isn't too much for 8 serves

      1 month ago