C​adbuy's Creme Egg Trifle is officially back for 2020!

W​hile Christmas has only just departed, we should already be excited for this trifle!

1y ago

E​aster isn't around the corner just yet, but this Cadbury trifle is! While Christmas has only just departed our shelves and homes, Cadbury have already been cracking everyone's eggs by revealing that their Easter trifle will be returning!

T​he 'Layers of Joy' Cadbury trifle consists of only the best combination of chocolate mousse, cookie sections and a traditional Cadbury chocolate layered base. However, let's not forget the best bit...all of this will be topped with Creme Egg Fondant!

It will be these little gems 3rd birthday this year, and we couldn't be more pleased to throw them a party and for £3.50 how could you not?

H​ow excited are you? Time to get hunting for it on your store's shelves!

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