1w ago
C​ake battle: Brownie or Blondie?

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Comments (22)

  • Both mine 🥺

      10 days ago
  • Blond Brownies are the best. (Brownie Lava Cakes with Blond Lava.)

      9 days ago
  • I've never had a blondie but I think I'd like it better. But brownies are great 😻

      10 days ago
    • I need to prepare soon blondie, but I need to say that I enjoy brownie better, mostly because it isn't so sweet and consist dark chocolate like blondie would be 🤔😉

        10 days ago
    • If you actually make that blondie soon that's gonna be another thing to add to my "Emilia's delicious things I need to try asap" list!!! Omg 🙀

        10 days ago
  • Blondies for the win! 😁

      10 days ago
  • Brownie, and with ice cream. The blondies can possibly go on plate and be walked over in good will to the neighbours

      10 days ago