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Campaign launched to thank extremely busy shop workers

A new scheme has been developed to honour the tireless efforts of everyone from supermarket employees to delivery drivers.

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You may have noticed that the shops have been rather busy of late – and, consequently, barren of some of the items that we have always taken for granted (why exactly does someone need to buy twenty four loaves of bread in one go? Are they a descendant of Donald Duck?)

People feeling obliged to stuff every room of their house with ridiculously large amounts of items that they will never use has been commonplace since fear of Covid-19 has spread (probably a lot faster than the virus itself). Perhaps people have been concerned that the coronavirus might start hunting down and infecting packets of pasta.

Clearly, pressure on supply chains and shops to keep shelves filled has been immense – and this has ultimately meant that the employees on the ground have suffered some of the greatest stress.

UK food manufacturer Proper (that makes snacks including popcorn and chips) has decided to address this increasing problem by launching a campaign to thank hard-working store workers across the country.

Designed as a tribute to staff who are scanning thousands of items through checkouts, filling shelves with fresh goodies and driving lorries Proper’s #SupermarketLegend campaign is asking the British public to nominate specific workers that they believe are absolute heroes. The winning contenders will then receive a month’s worth of snacks (although there is no mention of a round table to eat them off or a mighty sword to consume them with).

Entries have been submitted from all over social media:

In a further adorable act, the snack firm has devised a lovely poem to complete the treat hamper that successful workers will receive.

Sometimes – it would seem – hard work and dedication really does pay off.

Do you know any supermarket legends?

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