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Campari is donating 1m euros to fight Coronavirus

The liqueur maker will be helping to tackle the virus in Italy.

43w ago

The presence of Coronavirus – the enemy of human health across the globe – is no starker than in Italy, where over two thousand deaths have been recorded from tens of thousands of diagnoses.

Obviously, fear of the pandemic is understandably great; but, in keeping with many historic crises that have inflicted the world, comfort can at least be sought from the passion of countless people and organisations to help each other out.

This is very apparent in alcoholic liqueur producer Campari, which is donating one million Euros to assist those battling Coronavirus on the frontline in its native Italy.

Thanks to its generous offer to healthcare agency ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco in Milan money will be able to be pumped into an intensive care unit that will be used by medical staff to care for those most at risk from the virus that is also known as Covid-19. Additionally, cash will be available to purchase ten resuscitation machines for the hospital facility.

Milan is the city where Campari was founded and it is heartening to know that corporate giants – wherever they grow across the world – are willing and able to support their origins when the time really requires it. Hopefully, Campari’s actions will set a precedent for other businesses and the wealthy to follow.

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  • I think I'll celebrate this news with a Negroni this evening...!

      10 months ago
  • This is the time for everyone to step up their game.

      10 months ago