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Can a pot melt on a stove?

Yes, it can...your roommate will probably do it.

1y ago

When can you say your roommate is dumb, when they do stupid things, don't use common sense? Well here is Anie, she says that she can one up the dumb roommate situation and has proof. she happily shared the proof all over twitter.

If you continue to read the thread, Anie does mention that the roommate has not yet given an explanation, I wonder what would it be?

It is very difficult to say you can beat that. If you notice, the stove is electric and her roommate must have accidentally left the stove on and the pot on it continued to heat and after a while melt. It has now turned one with the electric coil. To be honest, the prehistoric bread that was found in Pompeii was in better shape than this pan, and it was 2000 years old.

What is the worst thing that you have seen/done in the kitchen?can it beat this?

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