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C​elebrity chef is arrested over the use of Cannabis to flavour his dishes

1y ago

A​ celebrity chef has been arrested after using the drug, Cannabis in order to flavour his dishes or he says to "experiment with new flavours".

C​hef Carmelo Chiaromonte is an Italian celebrity chef, chef at the Katana Palace Hotel in Sicily as well as a well-known TV star. However, recently his seemingly exquisite talent has been found to be tainted with the use of drugs.

T​he chef was found in possession of two large marijuana plants as well as 1KG of Indian hemp, yet this was not all. Alongside this, the star was also found to own cannbis infused wine, olive oil and tuna, all of which were handed in as evidence.

C​hiaromonte is pending trial and has been released in the meantime.

H​ow do you feel about cannabis infused beverages? Nine states in the US have now legalised the substance and some hotels even bring it to your door!

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