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Can't find flour? NABIM map shows you who's got it in stock

An online map has been released for all the budding bakers needing flour

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Bakers have always kneaded flour, but now they just need flour. It's nowhere to be seen in the supermarkets – and things have got so bad that people have even started buying those ready-made bread mixes.

Things are looking up though; the National Association of British and Irish Millers, or NABIM, has teamed up with supermarkets and retailers to produce a map that shows customers where they can find the precious white stuff. The reason they've still got plenty to sell is because they're shifting 3kg bags usually sold to caterers and businesses.

The map, therefore, doesn't just show the usual haunts for baked goods – the supermarket – but instead shows a host of bakeries and wholesalers.

What NABIM wants everyone to know is that there isn't actually a national flour shortage. Rather, there's a national shortage of small bags of flour. The little 0.5-2kg bags we buy usually make up just 4% of the flour market. But since everyone's started baking during the lockdown, the demand has risen like a light and fluffy loaf of tiger bread. NABIM say on their website that, since the lockdown, they've seen the demand for retail bags double, from 2 million a week to 4 million.

Alex Waugh, NABIM's director general, commented. "The message to consumers is that flour is in plentiful supply, and there is now a convenient way of finding places that sell larger bags."

To use the map, it's simply a case of popping in your postcode and seeing what results come up. The map shows outlets selling anything from 4kg bags to 32kg sacks, so make sure you check they have a reasonable size before making the trip – not all of them might be appropriate for you and your Victoria sponges.

If you're thinking that it's a bit silly trekking cross-country in pursuit of flour, then you're right. However, the chances are there's somewhere quite close to you on the map. For example, there were five outlets within six miles of my house. Hopefully this means you'll be within a short journey of some too.

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