Can't kick carbs? Indulge yourself at this bread-themed NYC hotel room

It's the yeast you can do

2y ago

Bread is the enemy. Crusts are for the weak. Toast? The actual devil.

Or so we're told.

But sadly bread is delicious and a way of life. has realised this, because today it's throwing open the doors to the Bread & Breakfast – an entirely bread-themed hotel room in New York City's Refinery Hotel.

Don't go thinking this is some half-baked PR stunt – the attention to detail in the hotel room is enough to get your dough rising.

That grouting could use a bit of work

That grouting could use a bit of work

Baguette-themed light fixtures offset perfectly sliced headboards, bready slippers and pizza-themed alarm clocks. Even the free toiletries have bready labels , which confirms what we've always thought – they're designed to be stolen and chucked in your bathroom cupboard at home.

A room designed for loafing

Book the Bread & Breakfast room and you'll be given $100 of room service credit, which means you can eat carbs while reclining in your bread. Sorry, bed. The menu includes pizza, pasta, muffins, toast and – probably – just a giant potato to gnaw on.

You can almost see the bloating

You can almost see the bloating

A room in the Bread & Breakfast will set you back $225 per night, which seems fairly reasonable given New York hotel prices and the fact you're getting $100 of regret included with every booking.

There are even bowls of pastries next to the wash basin. Oh for pete's sake. We really want to go.

Hopefully those aren't actual slices of bread on the shower screen. Imagine the sogginess.

Hopefully those aren't actual slices of bread on the shower screen. Imagine the sogginess.

Want a slice of the bread hotel action? Reservations open today – go here to find out more.

Can't get away to New York? Console yourself with a very sexy bread knife

The humble bread knife isn't perhaps the most acclaimed of all the knives, but this wood-handled German stainless steel number is a beautiful way to turn loaves into slices. And it's only £30. Crumbs.


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Comments (6)

  • Does the room have a fresh baked bread scent?

      2 years ago
  • I have never ever stepped backwards from the basin, scattering water and Colgate, and thought 'I wish there were some pastries sitting here'.

      2 years ago
  • I knead to loaf around in that room

      2 years ago
  • Makes you wonder what sort of condiments might be lurking under the bun, doesn't it?

      2 years ago
  • Amazing. Very interesting. Thank you very much

      2 years ago