Caprese Italian summer salad recipe

Here's an Italian summer dish that you will want to taste now...

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Caprese salad is a typical summer dish from Campania – a recipe originally from Capri, which has now become a cult favourite in Neapolitan cuisine and beyond. It's a fresh and light dish that's ideal as an appetizer or main course – and it's quick and easy to prepare.

You only need one thing: fresh and tasty ingredients. If the mozzarella is not fresh or the tomatoes are tasteless, the Caprese will be a failure.


The ideal is to use buffalo mozzarella and Cuore di Bue tomatoes, plus a sprig of basil, some olive oil and some salt. These are the really essential things.


You can replace the mozzarella with a Fiordilatte, or yiu can use Fiascona tomatoes. At a push, you can use Pachino or Datterini, but in this case, serve them in cubes in single-serving bowls.


Do you like black pepper? Okay, you can add it (see photo). Do you like oregano? No problem. But be careful: no mayonnaise, vinegar, olives, eggs or sauces of any kind (such as pesto). Excessive seasonings and combinations would cover up the balanced taste of the mozzarella and tomato.

What do you think? Would Caprese make your top five summer foods list? Let me know in the comments – and if you prepare it, post a picture.

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