Carl's Jr wants to be the next big US brand to launch in the UK

As a Brit, would you get fast food from here?

1w ago

The next big American fast-food chain looking to enter the British market is called Carl's JR and it specialises in burgers – not too dissimilar to McDonald's.

For Brits who haven't heard of Carl's JR (like us), it is essentially a bigger version of Maccies or Burger King in that everything looks bigger and dare we say it, a bit better. Carl's JR has an impressive 3,000 stores worldwide.

Some of the most popular items on its menu include The Really Big Carl, Super Star with Cheese, Cheese Burgers, Hot Honey Hand-Breaded Chicken and Waffle sandwich, and many more – including a breakfast menu.

Does the UK need another fast-food chain like this? Possibly, but we'd have to check it out first. Also, if there are any American's out there, please feel free to comment your thoughts on Carl's JR and whether you think it should come to the UK.

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Comments (3)

  • Oh dear, this is lardy arsed, fat American food. Too many of us Brits already eat the wrong foods and are wobbling around like Captain Pugwash's Black Pig in a force 9 gale. Crap like this needs taxing to extinction. We're all poring buckets full of sugar, cases of lard and cupfuls of salt down our necks already. The country has become a nation of fatties. Now, I agree, some people are naturally fatter than others. Some are simply made that way. That's fine. We're all different, but equally human. The thing is though that it's being pushed that being unnaturally obese is perfectly fine. Not a problem at all. Come on, pack yourself to the gills every mealtime and between. "But I'm happy like this", said the person ADDICTED to eating. Which takes us back to this foul purveyor of ghastliness. I wish them ill, no success, losing their corporate shirts, tails between their greedy fat legs and sent packing back from whence they came. I mean, even Maccy D is doing healthier food these days FFS!

      8 days ago
  • Have you ever gotten the same sandwich that looks like the advertisement? Mine always looks like someone sat on mine.

      11 days ago
  • No thank you. Would prefer if all existing burger 🍔 providers focussed on reduced salt, sugar and fat offerings 🧐

      11 days ago