Carluccio's goes into administration

The pressure applied by the Coronavirus pandemic was the final straw for restaurant chain.

43w ago

Italian restaurant chain Carluccio's went into administration on Monday, the Guardian reports. It is being deemed one of the first major business casualties of the lockdown that has now been in place for over a week.

Geoff Rowley, the appointed administrator of Carluccio’s, said he was hoping to mothball the business under the government scheme which would provide 80% of wages to its 2,000 employees, but once this came to an end it is of course going to leave thousands jobless.

The chain’s 73 branches are already closed as a result of the government’s lockdown, but there are still hopes to find a buyer for all or parts of the business. It seems the restaurant's coronavirus adaptations didn't pay off. The company was selling sauces, pasta, rice and desserts online, but this was not enough to keep things afloat.

This closure is undoubtedly a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, but it is unsurprising to see another mid-range restaurant chain folding. Jamie's Italian closed nationwide last year, and only a month ago the group that owned Frankie and Benny's, Chiquito, Brunning & Price, Garfunkel’s and Wagamamas announced that 90 restaurants were being closed down.

Whilst the virus has killed Carluccio's, it seems that this has been an acceleration of an already imminent fate. It was already rolling out a variety of damage limitation techniques before the virus had become a factor. Either way, it's a shame to see

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Comments (2)

  • This is something I find quite weird. Mid market places whose prices approach those of entry-level fine dining places. Most people end up going to a cheaper place or a more expensive/fancier place to feel special. If you eat out every day (which a lot of people do) upper mid market places are not viable. It was not doing great in our region and resorted to heavy discounting.

      9 months ago
  • I used to eat there quite a lot, but they changed, the atmosphere became different the staff wore T-shirts and in my opinion went downmarket, they changed their menu and the staff didn’t seem to care like they used to. The design in their newer restaurants made them noisy and they weren’t good value. I sat in one restaurant and waited 15 minutes before a member of staff came over and there were only 12 customers.

      9 months ago