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Carve like a chef: FoodTribe’s 2020 guide to the best knife sharpeners out there

Let our best knife sharpeners guide help you carve your way to culinary success

1y ago

You know what they say – the secret of a successful restaurant is sharp knives. Even if the only restaurant you’re running is the one at home, knives are the tool you’re bound to be constantly reaching for, from the very beginning of a recipe to that final sprinkle of coriander.

For these reasons, finding the best knife sharpener can take a little time and research. If you do it correctly, not only will you get a sharpener that keeps your blades razor-sharp, but you just might end up saving both money and time in the long run.

Below, FoodTribe has handpicked the best knife sharpeners on the market today to help ensure your knives are dull no more.

The one for any knife: AnySharp Knife Sharpener

The AnySharp Knife Sharpener labels itself (with a clear degree of hyperbole) as ‘The World’s Best Knife Sharpener. Luckily, before too much eye rolling took place, Amazon’s customers obviously agreed; this knife sharpener is now a best seller. Its ability to sharpen all the different types of knives, including serrated blades, obviously helped secure its fate.

The teeny tiny AnySharp can be attached to any work surface using the neat rubber suction cup on its bottom. Just flip the locking handle down and AnySharp ain’t going AnyWhere.

The one for any knife

AnySharp Knife Sharpener

Any time, any place, anywhere... and any old knife.

The smart one: Lantana Smart Sharp

The Lantana Smart Sharp is a stylish device with a rubber handle for a firm grip. There are three grinders to lend extra sharpness to your knife: the diamond grinder (for coarse grinding, i.e. prepping the blade), the tungsten grinder (for sharpening) and the ceramic grinder (which adjusts and hones the knife). It is equipped with a rubber base that makes it anti-skid and safe to use. Almost all kinds of steel knives can be honed in this smarty-pants sharpener.

The smart one

Lantana Smart Sharp

For smart, sharp knives and smart, sharp aesthetics.

The cute and compact one: Chili Works knife sharpener

The Chili Works knife sharpener promises to achieve razor-sharp precision no matter your personal knife sharpening experience. Don't let the low price fool you; this little device performs much better than anything similar.

It attaches firmly to any smooth surface by virtue of the locking bar. All you need to do is draw your knife over it a few times to restore its sharpness and shine. The best thing about this little gadget is that it’s small enough to keep on the counter but big enough to do the job properly – score!

The cute and compact one

Chili Works knife sharpener

May look unassuming, but this lil' guy is a knife-sharpening prodigy.

The back-to-basics one: Kunqun Sharpening Stone

Trust us when we say there's something very therapeutic about sharpening with a whetstone. If you’re a whetstone novice, make sure to watch a few YouTube tutorials on how to use sharpening stones and you’re good to go with the Kunqun knife sharpener.

The grindstone is made from a non-slip silicone holder and a bamboo block, with whetstone for sharpening. Immerse the whetstone in water for five to eight minutes before using and voilà – you’re now a qualified teppanyaki chef.

The back-t0-basics one

KUNQUN Sharpening Stone

Guaranteed to make you feel like a badass samurai swordmaker.

The budget one: TEMINICE knife sharpener

Quickly put the edge back into your cooking knives with the Temnice knife sharpener. This mini helper for everyday knife maintenance has a useful powergrip suction cup base that can lock onto the kitchen countertop to ensure it doesn’t move or slip during use. It also allows you to sharpen the knife with one hand up to 12kg of pull.

There are two grinders; one is ceramic, and the other is diamond-coated. The ceramic blade is used for fine grinding while the diamond one allows a coarse grinding effect for blunt knives. The key focal point of this knife sharpener is that it takes only 5 minutes to turn a severely blunt knife into a sharp one that can smoothly glide through your vegetables for best cut in town.

The budget one

TEMINICE Knife Sharpener

Bluntness-busting on a budget? VERYNICE.

The one with the big bite: Kitchen Shark knife sharpener

The Kitchen Shark knife sharpener is a tiny yet powerful device to sharpen any kind of knife. To use, secure onto any flat surface where it will suction. Draw the knife three to five times, applying light to medium pressure to let the Shark really sink its teeth in.

The one with the big bite

Kitchen Shark Knife Sharpener

A fierce predator with a taste for dull knives.

The handy one: VonShef knife sharpener

The VonShef electric two-stage knife sharpener is a sleek device that adds to the decor of your kitchen. It has two grinding wheels, with two slots per wheel to sharpen both sides of the knife – and it also has a screwdriver sharpening port and scissor groove to sharpen all of your most useful utensils.

This device is compact and comes equipped with rubber suction cups for sturdiness. It also has a two-year warranty to ensure you have a stress-free experience while using it.

The handy one

VonShef knife sharpener

For all your household sharpening needs.

The shiny one: B.PRIME INOX

With its stainless steel facade, this shiny little model looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Available for just over £5, the B.Prime INOX is extremely strong and durable, and so easy to use that anyone can sharpen their knives within seconds.

The sharpener has a two-stage sharpening system. First, you pre-sharpen your knives on the coarse tungsten carbide steel slot, and then you use the fine ceramic stole slot for fine grinding and sharpening. Job done.

The shiny one


Sleek, shiny and sharpen-y.

The gifty one: Tripsky knife sharpener

The Tripsky kitchen knife sharpener is a robust device with deceptive looks; as you’ll probably agree, it looks more like a piece of art than a knife sharpener. This not only makes it a great gifting option, but also a great choice if you’re a fan of more stylish kitchen accessories.

The stainless steel and rubber base ensures stability and safety – and as for its sharpening capabilities, it uses high-quality tungsten carbide to grind, hone, and polish all kinds of knives. The device is only 5.3 inches high and has a 3-inch base, so it's highly portable (and safe to use both indoors and outdoors).

The gifty one

Tripsky knife sharpener

A tricksy little doohickey with high levels of pizazz.

The professional one: PRO Sharpener

Hoping to bring the cutting edge back to your cooking? The PRO Sharpener will have your dinner guests impressed – not just by keeping your knives sharp, but also by keeping them honed and polished.

The rubberised moulded handle ensures a comfortable and tight grip, equally suitable for left- and right-handed users. And unlike those bulkier appliances, it will easily fit in a drawer when you’re done showing off your knife sharpening skills.

The professional one

PRO Sharpener

For knives that are truly profesh.

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Comments (6)

  • A sharp knife is much safer to use than a blunt one.

      1 year ago
  • I use a diamond stone then Japanese Ice Bear wet stones which are in my woodwork shop

      1 year ago
  • I bought one of these last week for my Global knife and all my cheapo stuff – it's transformed all of them. Love it! amzn.to/3baJIh1

      1 year ago
  • I mean seriously

      1 year ago
  • I see it’s not the newest post, but mabye i’ll get a reply. Warning, this might get a bit nerdy. I’m looking for some new tools for sharpening. I mainly use cheramic wetstones. Depending on how much i’ve abused my knives, I normaly start with #1000 or #3000 grit, and move my way to #6000 then #8000. To save my patiance, im buying a #400 grit stone (i’ve used the last of my rough stone). Then we have polishing. Im currently using leather for polishing, but if you are a bit twisted, enough is never enough. So please give me your opinion. Would a fine nature stone help with anything more than my compulsive buying, or would diamond paste for the leather strap make that obsolete? Mabye there is a tool i haven’t heard about, that is worth a try. Please, let the arguments begin.

    The steel of my knives varies, but some are karbon steel, and some are stainless steel.

      1 year ago