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Celeb ink artist turns your bad ex tattoos into food

What food tatt would you get?

49w ago

Have you ever gotten a tattoo that you really wish you hadn’t? Maybe you had one too many beers and got the name of a lover who’s now an ex.

Well, last week a few lucky people got the chance to have their regrettable ink transformed into something way better: food tatts.

DoorDash teamed up with celebrity tattoo artist Mister Cartoon to run a contest where people would be flown out to California to get their tattoo of an ex’s name changed into ink of their favorite food.

Cartoon has inked the likes of inked Beyoncé, Travis Scott, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg and plenty of other stars.

He created custom sketches and then did the artwork on the lucky winners, who entered the competition by posting a photo of their ex tattoo on socials using #FoodIsForever and tagging @DoorDash.

Now *this* is a Valentine’s Day promo we can get on board with.

DoorDash's Head of Consumer Marketing David Bornoff told Forbes: "Obviously we knew we wanted to do something for Valentine's Day. You can fall into all the tropes that everybody knows like roses, dating, dinner for two, can we deliver something special to a couple? We took it to the other end. What about people that aren't in relationships on Valentine's Day? What do we do for them?' Then we had this broader thought of, 'How do we make something that's gonna have that talk-ability factor, that's funny, that everybody will be attracted to but also is a bit more universal?' So very few people have their exes tattooed on them. Even fewer people are gonna cover up their exes' name with a food item. But I think everybody understands what it's like to go through a breakup. Everybody understands that pain."

According to Forbes, Cartoon said that each food tattoo has its own character. They ranged from breakfast foods to pizza and sushi.

He said: “We're like, 'How do you tie food? What kind of crazy person is going to get food on them?' But people identify with food more than you think. Before this I had seen a bunch of people with food tattoos, they just weren't getting them for free. They were going out of their way to pay for it. And it wasn't for a Valentine's Day thing, to cover someone's s**t up".

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  • Beans

      11 months ago
  • Tough decision..maybe one of my noodle bowls.

      11 months ago
  • Lesson #1 when entering a relationship: never get a partner tattoo.

      11 months ago