Celebrate 4th of July with a vegan rainbow burger

You can grill a rainbow, grill a rainbow, grill a rainbow too

28w ago

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Love vegetables? Love grillin'? Love rainbow colours? Then you, sir or madam, should take a look at this delightful veggie burger creation from grill experts Megamaster. Seriously – just look at it. Yummy, amirite?

So much vegetable goodness goes into making this vegan-friendly bun filler that it positively radiates 'wholesome' – and not just that, but it's got some pretty outstanding flavour credentials to boot. Vegan or not, serve this up at your next barbecue and you'll have a sure-fire crowd pleaser on your hands. Just don't forget the garnish for the full-on rainbow effect...

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Comments (2)

  • Looks very interesting

      6 months ago
  • The burger looks great, but nothing will ever be as great as that standfirst...

      6 months ago