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Celebrate Birds Eye's new vegan sausage rolls

They've come just in time for a whole day dedicated to the successes of sausage rolls.

James Lewis posted in Vegan
1y ago

What a day 5th June is. Not only is it a Friday, but it's also National Fish and Chips Day and National Sausage Roll Day. Excitement does not come greater than this for lovers of basic foodstuffs.

There are many potential options for celebrating. You could eat a load of fried fish and meaty sausages, for example. Or you could pay your respects to the honourable cuisines by constructing two huge monuments that tower up into the sky and dominate your entire neighbourhood. They'll look ace on social media and won't make you look the slightest bit odd - honestly.

The news for sausage roll addicts has improved greatly over the past couple of weeks. Not only has the famous bakery Greggs announced its plans for reopening its stores, but now Captain Birds Eye and his trusty companions have unveiled a brand new product: vegan sausage rolls.

Obviously, vegan sausage rolls have been around for a while now (shout out to Greggs again), but now Birds Eye has enabled us all to enjoy the meat-free specialties in a convenient frozen form as part of its Green Cuisine (Powered By Plants) range. The traditional sausage has been substituted for pea protein, but Birds Eye insists that the rolls are designed to be exact replicas of the originals.

Currently, boxes of four of the sausage rolls can be purchased for £2.50 each. However, Sainsbury's is currently offering a significant discount, selling boxes for only £1.50 each. With picnics back on the agenda, Birds Eye's meatless sausage rolls are a great starting point for celebrating National Sausage Roll Day. Just don't forget the fish finger sandwiches.

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  • National Sausage Roll Day AND National Fish and Chip Day here in the UK... National Ketchup Day in the US. We've been blessed!

      1 year ago