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Celebrate N​ational Barbecue Week Hellenic style with this lamb recipe

T​here really isn't much better than grease, is there? Or Greece, for that matter?

34w ago

Epic myth and legend. The foundation of modern democracy. The properly compiled chip-shop menu. Greece has given us much over the course of history. But stories, political systems and greasy kebabs aside, there's nothing I'm more grateful to them for than their lamb.

I​'ve been fascinated by Greece since I was a child, when my mum would tell me stories about Hercules, Odysseus and Theseus. They were probably all wrong and were undoubtedly aimed at getting me to shut up and go to sleep, but they enraptured me enough for me to go on to study ancient history at university.

W​hile doing that, I went on a countrywide tour of the country. I spent the entire time sweaty, dehydrated and permanently hungover, and indeed it was more Brits abroad than educational enlightenment, but I did leave having had my mind absolutely blown by the lamb I'd eaten.

I​'ve since visited again, last year, and having forgotten quite how good the lamb was last time, found myself taken aback once more. In 38 degrees, coloured lobster red and weeping sweat from my eyeballs, I had a reawakening to how well they marinate their meat.

N​ow that it's barbecue season once more, and National Barbecue Week for that matter, I've devised my own Greek lamb marinade for your enjoyment. To any Greeks, I'm sorry if I've done something wrong and welcome any improvements; let me know in the comments below (be nice).

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      2 months ago
  • Marinated shrimps today for the BBQ. Garlic, lemon zest, lemen juice, some chili and parsly

      7 months ago
  • Sounds good!

      7 months ago