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Celebrating World Egg Day 2021

Everything you should ever want to know about eggs, and what to do with them

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Happy World Egg Day! The simple egg has been celebrated globally on the second Friday of October since 1996. The celebrations were started by the International Egg Commission, to raise awareness for the egg's nutritional value and honor its versatility in our diets.

World egg day celebrates all eggs, not only chicken eggs

Eggs are packed with good protein for a small cost of about 72 calories each. They include Vitamin B for energy, Vitamin D and calcium. In fact, the only vitamin not present in an egg is Vitamin C (great pub quiz fact!). They're rich in other minerals essential for a healthy body. Plus, they're not expensive and are widely available.

The little ovoid food can be the star of its own show, or act as a vital ingredient in a recipe. It's used as a binding agent in foods like meatballs, and coatings for dishes like French toast and chicken parmesan. They are essential in countless baked goods and in the creation of basic noodles. Check out the table here for a complete list of egg uses.

Tamagoyaki - a rolled egg omelet dish from Japan / Photo by City Foodsters on Flickr

Tamagoyaki - a rolled egg omelet dish from Japan / Photo by City Foodsters on Flickr

Everyone knows the egg-cooking basics—scrambled, poached, boiled, and fried. The egg is utilized in different ways all over the world and recipes have been adapted globally. Did you know devilled eggs originated in Italy? They also gave us Frittata.

Shakshuka is popular in Middle Eastern countries and is believed to have started in Tunisia. China created egg drop soup and egg fried rice, and England introduced the Scotch egg. India put a spicy twist on their own dishes of egg curry and egg bhurji. Mexico has huevos divorciados (translated "divorced eggs") which consists of two fried eggs separated with salsa roja on one side and salsa verde on the other.

Some eggy inspiration

In celebration of World Egg Day, here are just a few egg dishes that you may not be familiar with, but will inspire and broaden your palate:

Iran: Baghali Ghatogh – Eggs poached in cooked fava beans and dill.

Korea: Gyeran-jjim – Beaten eggs pushed through a sieve, then steamed until light and fluffy.

Nigeria: Egg stew – Eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and additional spices such as curry and thyme.

Spain and Portugal: Migas – Tostadas with scrambled eggs, chilis, onions, and tomatoes.

Philippines: Tukneneng or Kwek kwek – Deep fried hard boiled eggs. A popular street food.

Turkey: Çılbır – Poached eggs with yogurt.

United States: Eggs Benedict – Poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce atop an English muffin and Canadian bacon.

Finally, there are plenty of egg recipes right here on FoodTribe that you can try for yourself. Check out this selection from our talented creators:

Mama's deviled eggs by Veoniss Melissa Houston

Nanan's sausage and egg pie by Lauren Smith

Egg fried rice, the proper way by Soi Luong

Scrambled egg curry by Johann Raymond

Egg drop soup by Jane Fyffe

How are you celebrating World Egg Day? What is your favorite egg dish?

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