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L​ockdown never meant that living stopped... it just got more interesting.

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8​7 Days and we still have curfew. There have been no notifications by the officials, so we don't know if curfew is on or not. We just stay home at nights in case there is one. Go figure.

D​uring these 87 days, we've celebrated 4 birthdays at home. The first was in late March, soon after the Lockdown began - we were in shock. We were worried about our food supplies. We even contemplated rationing what we had. The powers that be said the Lockdown would end in a week. They allowed the masses onto the streets after a week and there was chaos. Wine Stores were mobbed (not looted!) as were supermarkets and 'corner stores'. Social distancing wasn't followed in the least. The thing is, everyone survived that day and the lockdown began in earnest and didn't go away.

T​he first birthday to be celebrated was a non-event, though. I owe the birthday girl a mega-gala party sometime, when all this madness ends. Maybe a trip abroad...

B​ut then, we got into the groove of things. Life began again and the next three birthdays saw us cooking up a storm. Not enough eggs? Find a cake recipe that doesn't use eggs. No ingredients for a pudding? of course there was - Pumpkin. No breadcrumbs? Get the stale bread, grill it or toast it, put it I'm the mixer-grinder and voila. Problem solved.

E​ach party was unique; One featured a Pineapple upside-down cake (and miss-matched candles), the other a carrot cake and the third a chocolate cake (one of them featuring no eggs!)...

T​he pineapple upside down featuring ... some candles!

T​he pineapple upside down featuring ... some candles!

You know what? The taste didn't matter at all. It was the surprise of having a party under lockdown where we could have all these things and the surprise and smiles on the faces of people whose birthday it was that mattered the most. Living in Lockdown - you really could get used to it!

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