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Challenge: try a drink you've never tried before, and post it to FoodTribe

The easiest FoodTribe challenge yet, surely

2w ago

I’m a new explorer in the world of cocktails, spirits, and well, anything other than tea (a field I've been intrepid in) - and I find it all terrible exciting. The other month, in a quiet pub in Melbourne, the owner asked me which beer I’d like. I gave my favourite answer - ‘surprise me’. I ended up getting taste tests, because the guy was a legend.

In light of how exciting trying a new drink is - I’ve decided to make it the pith of DriveTribe’s latest challenge; trying a drink you’ve never tried before. It could be a skim milkshake, it could be a certain brand of beer, it could be soft drink. All I care about is that you post it to FoodTribe with a few words - or an essay - in review. And tag #DrinkChallenge so I can find them all later.

The answers will be collected in one glorious round-up post in 2 weeks’ time, and there might be some Tribecoins chucked in the direction of a most popular one. Cheers!

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Comments (59)

  • Ugh now I have to pick up something I never tried. Dammit Coleman.

    Challenge accepted. ✊🏾

      15 days ago
  • God, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m so low on beer it is comical. There are exactly 7 beers left in a fridge that typically holds a minimum of 60. 2020 depleted my supply with no reason to replenish - no one came over for parties...

      15 days ago
  • Your faith that there hasn't been enough drinking during this pandemic to have tried them all is commendable. Hahaha

    Challenge accepted

      15 days ago
  • I've done that. the 33yo wine!!! Almost killed my keyboard in the process haha

      15 days ago
    • Yes but Remon, I feel there's a bottle from the Norman Conquest out there for you yet

        15 days ago
    • you just want too see me really drunk on FT right :P

        15 days ago
  • I have gastric ulcer issues, so most beverages are off limits to me. While I love the tastes of coffee, tea, wine, beer, soda, and hot chocolate, imbibing in pretty much anything other than good ol' H2O causes painful consequences for me. We tried sparkling fruit juice for Thanksgiving last year, and that worked out okay, so now that's what my family has to accompany celebratory meals. Martinelli's Sparkling Cider has become everyone's favorite.

    A couple of months back I discovered that Martinelli's makes organic sparkling cider, so I bought a bottle and put it away for a special occasion. Then John Coleman came up with this challenge, and I decided that it was a was perfect excuse to go ahead and open the bottle for a taste test. :)

    I did not really expect there to be any difference between the organic and standard versions, but I was wrong. My father used to make apple cider with a big, old-fashioned wooden cider press, and the organic cider tastes just the way I remember my Dad's cider tasting, like biting into a fresh apple. I feared that I might be misremembering the regular Martinelli's, so l opened a bottle for comparison. Yes, the organic version actually tastes better! It's less astringent, and has a more complex flavor than the non-organic version; the non-organic is sweeter, but not as tasty.

    Why? I don't know. They both use the same ingredients (apple juice and vitamin C), so they should taste the same, but the organic version definitely has a fuller, more apple-filled flavor. The only thing I could figure is that they probably used different varieties of apples, perhaps because they may have been limited in choices for organic produce? I don't know, but the bottom line is that the organic version truly did taste better, enough so to make it worth the higher price. Now I know! :)


      13 days ago
    • Good stuff! I'm going to be eager to find an organic cider now to try this myself.

      You've found your fav drink now...

        12 days ago