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Champignion soup recipe

Another live saver for really cold days.

So cold days have arrived here pretty quick. Whole day was cloudy, cold and it was mix of rain and snow from time to time. There wasn't greater moment to prepare some delicious and very warming soup like this. Soup turned out very good - spicy, frangrant, warming and tasty.


1 litre of water / stock (of your choice)

Champignions (500g)

Onion x2

Potatoes x4-5

Carrot x1

Garlic x2-3 cloves

Bay leaves x3

Allspice x4

Salt / pepper/ sweet bell pepper powder / chilli (to taste)

Potato flour x2 teaspoons

Dill / parsley x1 tablespoon

Cheese (20g or more if you like)


1. Pour 1l of water/ stock to pot, add bay leaves and allspice and heat everything on medium heat.

2. Peel, wash potatoes and cut into cubes. Grate carrot on small mesh and add to the pot. Meanwhile, chop onion and fry till gold colour then add to the soup.

3. Slice champignions and fry them same as onion till gold colour. When champignions will be ready add two teaspoons of potato flour and mix everything quick. Add them as the rest of vegetables to the pot. Season to taste with salt, pepper, sweet bell pepper powder , chilli, minced garlic cloves, dill, parsley - mix everything and cook for 30 minutes.

Served with some grated cheese on the top together with cheese bun/roll. More cheese that's better.

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