Check out the amazing 'Atrium' bar at the Four Seasons in Florence

A modern spot with a classic touch

1y ago

The Atrium bar is one of the most beautifully designed cocktail bar in Florence and is located within the premises of the Four Seasons Hotel which, by the way, occupies the equivalent of roughly three American blocks. I was once invited to attend a car event set in the garden of the Four Seasons and it is enormous. That's because the hotel basically incorporates an entire park inside its perimeter.

The Four Seasons opened in 2008, which is basically five seconds ago in an ancient city like Florence, but still manages to capture the 'what-it-once-was' feeling that other similar bars have to offer in the Capital city of Tuscany.

The Atrium Bar is a cocktail lounge, so the first drink you might wanna look for is the Negroni, invented in 1919 by Fosco Scarselli and named after Count Camillo Negroni. Count Negroni, an aficionado and regular patron at Caffè Casoni was a bit tired of drinking Americanos and so he asked his bartender, Fosco Scarselli, to give it a little twist by using gin instead of soda water, you gotta love the man's attitude.

This being a cocktail bar located inside an international hotel in a city that's heavily dependent on tourism, as you can imagine, the menu is a saga of both expected and unusual choices ranging from classic cocktails, and modern or local takes on classic cocktails. Like the Atrium Mojito, for example, made with raspberries and prosecco.

The only downside, and there aren't many, is pricing. The Four Seasons is expensive and so is the Atrium Bar but the good news is the bar is open to anyone, not just hotel guests, so don't worry, you can go crazy and then call it a one-off experience.

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