Check out WholeFoods UK's insane truffle and cheese combo

Ah. Want one. Badly.

2y ago

Only a few more weeks before Christmas, the clock is ticking and that means you have to start thinking about food choices and Christmas meals. If you're looking for ways to spice it all up and do something different, WholeFoods UK got you covered with this juicy truffle + cheese combination.

WholeFoods UK say this is the "perfect festive indulgence" and you can see why. WholeFood's Speciality team has taken some Camembert, some Brie and Cambozola and filled it up with black truffle and mascarpone.

It's available in store now and is an ideal Christmas gift and it is, crucially, perfect for your cheese board. Disclaimer: might be super tasty and not exactly light, but hey, it's Christmas time so you gotta live a little, right?

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