- The Cheese Bar has been a hit with Londoners, and now all of mainland UK can share in the joy

Cheese fans, get the best kind of post to your door

Calling all curd nerds! The Cheese Bar is making like our waistlines, and expanding...

1y ago

Oh-so pleased with the response to their fleet of cheese trucks hitting the streets of London, bringing cheese, charcuterie and DIY fondue to the people – I mean, who's to deny them what they want? – the team at The Cheese Bar have announced that they are now offering delivery nationwide, giving turophiles across the UK the chance to get their hands on the goods.

Expanding outwards from the capital, the curd nerds are offering the very best of British cheeses as well as curated hampers, which will be taken to those stuck at home during the lockdown. There's a choice of three goodie boxes containing a selection of cheese and nibbles, suitable for two or three people to share – let's say two, since our lock-down appetites seem to be increasing, and anyway, gatherings of two are more pleasing to the state.

The ‘Home Boy' hamper includes wrapped wedges – think delicious Driftwood Goats cheese – a jar of Rosebud Preserve and packet of Miller’s Damsel Crackers; with the veggie version offering the same but with veggie cheeses. 'The Meaty Boy’, meanwhile, features the Home Boy offering plus cured meats, olives and a hunk of Anglum cheese.

The online offering is set to develop over the coming weeks, so keep your peepers peeled.

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