Wine & Cheese brought to you by
Wine & Cheese brought to you by
2w ago

Cheese of the week.

Nothing original this week but I thought I’d show you where I usually shop. It’s not the greatest cheese wall ever (that would be Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati…the BIG Cheese!) but this isn’t bad. It’s the cheese wall at my local H‑E‑B & it’s actually larger than the one at my old H‑E‑B (which wasn’t old, it was new. It was also the Flagship H-E-B in San Antonio so you’d think being the largest of all the H-E-B’s they’d have the most impressive cheese wall….but sadly no) anyway ours here in Round Rock isn’t too bad. It has most everything from Manchego to Pecorino to Smoked Gouda to the Red Leicester I bought today.

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