- I​ wonder if the designers of this exquisite Japanese rice bowl ever imagined this.

C​heesy pasta with peas ‘n’ tom-toms

C​heese cheers and peas please. Tomatoes are a bit of a red herring.

1y ago

F​or reasons that aren’t worth recording here I was recently gifted a large block of itchy cheddar.

S​ome of it has been added to biscuits, some hewn brutally from the slab and inserted in face, but it had to undergo the litmus test of cheddar. Does it make a good cheese sauce?

I​ had my doubts. I’ve long asserted that you can make a properly curative cheese sauce only with hospital cheddar. It must be incipid, slightly soapy, inexpensive, but strong. As soon as any other attribute is afforded cheddar, such as a geographical one (this was from Cornwall), or a qualifier about being found in a cave or some such, then, though it may be very tasty as cheese, it won’t work as well in a sauce.

W​hat I’m saying is that posh cheese isn’t right for this job. You want Sainsbury’s can’t taste the difference.

F​orth I sallied anyway, usual process, added a bit of mustard (again, industrial spec), but I wasn’t wrong. You can see in the picture that the sauce exhibits an unwanted granularity, when this type of sauce should be more like the texture of Mr Whippy ice cream, but tasting of cheeeeeese.

T​he evening petered out, devoid of the anticipated cheesegasm. Disappointing.

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Comments (29)

  • Cheesy peas 🙂

      1 year ago
  • If you cooked the roux for ages and it still came out grainy...2 things: 1. When you were cooking the roux was it like clumps of dough or like flour cooking in bubbling melted butter mix? Sometimes I find if I put too much flour in, the roux doesn't dissolve well. I found that adding extra butter in until it becomes more like the bubbling melted butter mix and then cooking it for a bit (max 5 mins) before adding any liquid, I generally tend to get a smoother sauce. 2. Was your cheese fully melted and incorporated? Sometimes if I don't grate it finely enough, I need to cook it longer to make sure the cheese completely gets in there. Apparently it's not good to boil it once the cheese is in either. Otherwise it's just practice I think and not using too high a heat. Otherwise looked tasty!

      1 year ago
    • I generally make the roux as you say. Maybe I overdid the flour.

        1 year ago
    • Good sauces take practice. Just keep trying, you'll get it. It's so worth learning how to get right 🙂

        1 year ago
  • Are peas an essential addition? They do make a pleasing contrast to the overall cheese colour,

      1 year ago
  • Do the tomatoes add any essential flavor, or are they aesthetic like the peas are?

      1 year ago
  • Aged cheese has a lower water content and forms calcium lactate crystals, two contributors of granularity. They also can be higher in histamine-producing lactobacillus, which leads to the itch.

      1 year ago