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Chef José Andrés is feeding quarantined Grand Princess passengers

Passengers previously had to "fight" for "rotten food" on-board the ship

1y ago

The passengers on-board the Grand Princess, who were quarantined due to the coronavirus outbreak, have no doubt been through an unimaginable ordeal.

Chef José Andrés has stepped in to make things a little easier by feeding the passengers and crew aboard the cruise ship, which is docking today in Oakland, California.

The chef’s nonprofit World Central Kitchen is preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner from a kitchen in San Francisco for the thousands of people on the ship.

In a statement, WCK explained: “With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, WCK is providing meals for those currently onboard and will be handing out to-go lunches to disembarking passengers over the next few days. The crew may stay on board and we will continue to support them as long as we are needed, depending on how the situation evolves in the coming days.”

The statement continued: “This is a unique emergency situation, and WCK has experience preparing large numbers of meals in emergencies. We are experts at rapidly setting up kitchens and establishing safe logistics processes to get food to where it needs to go — whether in the middle of a hurricane in The Bahamas, cholera outbreak in Mozambique, after an earthquake in Puerto Rico, or in this case, during a viral epidemic. WCK is working closely with Princess, the State of California, and federal agencies to make sure everyone remains safe.”

As of March 9, the BBC reports that 21 people on the Grand Princess have tested positive for Covid-19. The ship is carrying 3,500 people from 54 countries.

There will be a “two-three day process” to move passengers from the ship, according to California governor Gavin Newsom. Those in need of urgent medical attention will be taken to hospital first. Others will be moved to military bases in California, Texas and Georgia for a 14-day isolation period.

As for the food on board the ship, passenger Margaret Bartlett told the BBC: "The food is rotten and terrible and we have to fight for it. It is not good enough."

José Andrés and WCK are posting updates on Twitter.

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    Consider the state of the oil and gas market, for example;

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    The Coronavirus scare has resulted in shutting down of some manufacturing, so your first instinct is to , perhaps hoard a little, but of course when you have an economic slowdown, resulting from slowing of manufacturing, you will suddenly discover oversupplies of fuel, i.e. gas and oil, because transport requirements have been reduced .

    The number of people driving their Buicks to the cruise ship terminals, airports, inner city restaurants , shopping malls, cinemas, schools, universities, crowded office buildings, and any other crowded environment, has been reduced somewhat.

    Americas economy, since the introduction of the mass produced Model T Ford, has flowed smoothly on cheap fuel.

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    I was amazed.

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    The market is heavily oversupplied, and prices have crashed.

    The aluminium, and iron ore prices crashed earlier this year.

    People have seemingly, for the moment, run out of imaginative ways to use these raw materials.

    There are plenty of airliners , and quite a few not being used because of Coronavirus concerns, western electricity supplies seem generally good, aluminium bodied car manufacturing seems to be going well, high efficiency household reverse cycle airconditioners seem to be everywhere, and on a recent flight into Brisbane Australia, I observed that there seemed to aluminium framed solar panels on perhaps 80 % of Brisbane suburban house and various commercial premises roofs, all selling electricity back on to the grid, when not adequately supplying the household.

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