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Chick-fil-A has made a comprehensive re-opening plan

The published document is twenty pages long and shows an impressive commitment to food, staff and customer safety.

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If quarantine hasn’t been unhealthy enough for you so far there is plenty of good food news that is simply pouring from the fountains of joyfulness at the moment.

Major restaurant chains such as McDonald’s have begun outlining their plans on how they intend to operate under the now less severe COVID-19 restrictions and various ideas have been created by organizations about how they can improve their food offerings to the country.

Despite the widespread hacks published on TikTok, it seems that fried food cooked by somebody else and sold in greasy paper bags for a few cents has been the one thing that has been incredibly missed during lockdown. What more proof is needed that the whole situation could have been a lot worse? At least nobody has had to hold off a zombie hoard armed only with a baseball bat and a pair of slippers.

For people who have been literally unable (or, at least, too lazy) to simply cook some chicken at home there is some especially wonderful news available: Chick-fil-A has announced its plans for reopening. I’m already hearing clucks of excitement.

Thrilled enthusiasts shouldn’t worry about the safety of the restaurants either because the company has published a full twenty pages of details that outline how it intends to keep all of its customers and staff as safe as possible during the ongoing efforts to tackle coronavirus. At least reading it will allow you to build up an appetite. Just make sure that you stop before starvation sets in.

Named the “Safe Service”, the document includes plans to ensure that workers are equipped with appropriate face masks and hand sanitizer to control the effects of any present virus. The firm will be encouraging payment by mobile apps and contactless cards and will be regularly reminding customers of the need to maintain social distancing.

It will be left to the judgement of individual stores as to whether inside seating is offered, but in locations that will provide eat-in facilities there will be a reduced number of tables, drink refill machines will be closed and meals will be served in disposable take-out bags.

Normality is still a long way off, but with such substantial safety efforts being conducted by Chick-fil-A it can be expected that other companies will soon adopt similar methods for the structured re-openings of their locations.

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