- C​oriander leaves will not save you.

Chicken curry was crap

W​hen this is all over I'm going to sell everything and employ a chef

1y ago

T​here's no point pussyfooting around the essential facts here. This was very, very poor.

I​t started as a slightly half-baked bhuna recipe I found on line. I decided to 'enhance' it by treating the chicken pieces to an improvised marinade made with yoghurt and spices. It smelled quite interesting as it was cooking, and included methi and brown cardamom, both of which are most aromatic.

B​ut when I test-tasted the simmering mass, I found it a bit meh. In a panic, I tried some other spices, and salt. But it was no good. It was too late to save this. The rice, a cook-in-the-bag affair, was also crap. I've never tried this before, and my conclusion is that quick-cook rice is something else a bit like one-coat paint and bathroom cleansing mousse. Lovely idea, but doesn't actually work.

T​he result tasted, and looked, a bit like some overcooked chicken that had fallen into the remains of a discarded doner kebab on the pavement.

I​t's cornflakes again tonight.

E​ven worse from this angle. Note historic pyrex plate, a family heirloom brought out for special occasions.

E​ven worse from this angle. Note historic pyrex plate, a family heirloom brought out for special occasions.

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  • I recommend crisp sarnies, if you have any crisps in.

      1 year ago
    • 1 year ago
  • At least the plate is nice...

      1 year ago
  • Cornflakes are good.

      1 year ago
  • Simple things to improve:

    1) Use bone-in chicken pieces. The broth by itself will add a lot of flavor to the curry.

    2) The marinade with yogurt and some store-bought Indian spices is enough. Add some ginger-garlic paste and some more spice to the onion when its getting caramelized.

    3) Caramelize the onion with spices way past the point you think its already done. You should be able to see some oil leaving the onion-spice pulp when its actually done. (Adding some sugar to the onion makes it caramelize slightly faster).

    4) Add chicken, cook it uncovered till it browns slightly, add water, cover and cook!

    5) Increase burner to its highest setting for the last couple of minutes. This will give it the "curry" look.

    6) Use mustard oil for cooking for a game-changing flavor.

      1 year ago