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Chicken seekh kebab rolls

A complete home production

1y ago
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By now, you know I suck at cooking. However, if you know that then you also know that my wife is a genius at it.

Today she decided to make chicken seekh kebab rolls for dinner. What is a seekh kebab, you ask? Seekh kebab is a kebab made with minced meat and various spices.

You can make seekh out of all types of meat, but she used chicken. Seekh is a kebab you can find from Turkey to India. Every country has its version of meat and spice mix. Ours is obviously the Indianised version.

The paratha (flatbread) is a recipe she got online from someone in Pakistan. This is the best version of paratha she has ever made. It was light fluffy and easily reached the perfect level of golden crispness required.

Now the seekh was perfectly cooked. After mixing the spices and the minced chicken, she pan-fried it. Now in the roll, you can add veggies and toppings as you please from tomatoes to cheese and lettuce or whatever else you can imagine. I am a small eater (I like to think so); however, I ate two of these and did not feel overfull or super stuffed. Being homemade has its advantages of being light on the tummy. I can imagine eating two of these from a restaurant and not being able to walk out of the restaurant.

She kept it simple with homemade coriander chutney some chaat masala (please google it) and the seekh kebab. You can see how she assembled it. The entire meal is homemade.

However, nothing comes free in this world. The clean up after this yummy meal was my responsibility.

The price for some yummy food.

The price for some yummy food.

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